Общество: Defsoft Media - leading outsourcing call center

If you are looking for a contact center to increase profits and rapid business development around the world, then outsourcing call center Defsoft Media is your right choice. The company appeared on the global market around 11 years ago. And for this period it became a leader in its sphere. All this thanks to the efforts of a team consisting of just professionals working in this field.

What is "Defsoft Media"?

"Defsoft Media" is an outsourcing call center. It provides information via voice communication channels and processes requests in the the customer organizations' interests.

Nowadays the company got an international certificate of conformity of the information system.

Who we are today:

  • the group of professionals working in the field of receiving calls;
  • processing more than 100,000 incoming calls per day. The rates of customers' satisfaction reach 90% and a high first call resolution rate about 80%.
  • a large base of  Ukrainian and foreign organizations and enterprises, such as Henkel, Hyundai Corporation, Viasat, Everest, Volia and some others. In general more than 50 big clients.

Our benefits

You reduce your costs

You don't need to invest money in the organization of workplaces, search and training of people or buy consumables. All you should do is just to rent a staff of call center operators for the time you need, and enjoy using a completely ready-made "set" for the implementation of your project.

You save time

The call center works 24/7. We provide the quickest possible results of our work at high quality. Efficient and competent operators do their job professionally and you won't have any reason to doubt their competence.

You evaluate the results

We give you the opportunity to evaluate the results of a marketing campaign. If it is necessary you may adjust the direction of development at any stage of the project resolution.

Services on offer

Inbound services

  • Hotline - the most effective customer feedback services to be always in touch with your customers.
  • Handling calls and requests -  a service allows to serve a big number of customers in a short time and at minimal cost.
  • Help desk organization - here customers can receive a piece of advice about products or services, leave their complaints or ask questions as for the product.
  • Virtual office - a reliable assistant in doing business.
  • Personnel outsourcing - the most popular service among enterprises around the world.
  • Connection outsourcing - forwards incoming calls coming to you to the operators.

Outgoing services

  • Telephone survey - helps make analyzes and conclusions about the course of work or the desired direction of the projects.
  • Telephone presentation - powerful tools that help promote goods and services, and also attract customers.
  • Automatic ringing - helps optimize routine processes of informing your customers.
  • Database creation and updating - helps use only reliable and current information about your business customers.

Additional services

  • Virtual IP PBX - helps manage IP telephony with a big number of mini-PBX functions as well with basic services.
  • IVR voice menu - in-built automatic voice answering machine.
  • Send voice messages - helps increase the level of consumer awareness of your goods or services and form a certain level of customer confidence in your business and project.

Choose just the best in the sphere of calls!

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