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In laboratories of many branches of industrial and economic activity, special items made of noble metals are often used for carrying out chemical and analytical research. It is popular in the metallurgical, mining and processing industry, oil complex, as well as medicine, pharmacology and sanitary and epidemiological services. One of the most widespread is platinum laboratory utensil.

Our company has specialized in this field for over decades. Russian platinum labware manufactures high-tech laboratory items in accordance with Russian and international requirements. We guarantee the quality of our products and the professionalism of our specialists.

On the site you can search in detail the products produced by Russian platinum labware. Among them are platinum crucibles and lids for them, platinum high crucibles with reinforced rim, platinum wide crucibles, platinum dishes, with a spherical bottom and reinforced rim, platinum pallets, platinum tips for tweezers and tongs, platinum gauze electrodes and other platinum laboratory items. We are not limited to only platinum, but we also make products from platinum-gold, platinum-rhodium, iridium, palladium and etc.

A wide range of products is presented with precise items dimensions and all the necessary characteristics. Our site is updated daily to provide the consumer with the most actual information on prices and the availability of certain positions .

Before you get a delivery, you should sign a contract with the company and make a payment. After that, within 60 working days, we will deliver your order. On our website, you can choose one of two delivery options. The first "All Included" implies that the courier service, Brinks Company, assumes all obligations regarding customs clearance. Such a convenient option does not require any additional actions from you. Moreover, the courier will deliver the package to you at any convenient place. The second option "Economy" differs in that you will have to fill in all the customs papers. Thus, you will save money on delivery, but not time.

All parcels are covered by insurance. The cost of insurance is 0.6% of the estimated value of the cargo. The exact sum of money can be calculated using the information presented in the section of the same name on our website.
Russian platinum labware is located in Russia, the Ural Mountains, the city of Yekaterinburg. This region is in demand for its precious metals, including platinum. Despite of that, we can easily deliver the utensils you need in the most farthest point of the world. In addition, our company is engaged in the production of individual orders. If the client have special desires or require laboratory items of non-standard dimensions, we will gladly produce it.

The team of professionals "Stomatech-L" are people working for results. For decades, we have been developing our potential and improving production. Our platinum laboratory products are the most reliable and best on the market. Make an order and confirm it.

Information provided https://crucibles-platinum.com/

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