Спорт: Why is cricket England's national sport?

When we speak about traditional sports in Great Britain cricket comes to mind at once. It is the most popular and, by the way, one of the most beautiful bat-and-ball games. This game scores about 2.5 billion fans worldwide. It is the second most popular sport game in the world after football. Around 65% of the population of England are followers of cricket.

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The origin of cricket

Cricket originated around the 13th century in south-east of England. But it became English national sport only in the 18th century. Originally it was a children's game for many generations then a bit later it was taken up by adults. Today it has developed globally. The first international game was played between the US and Canada in 1844, in New York.

How is cricket played?

The aim of cricket is to score more than the opponent. Two teams of 11 players take turns to bat and bowl. When one team is batting, players try to score as many runs as they can hitting the ball around an oval field. The team of opponent must get them out by bowling the ball overarm at the stumps, that are at each end of a 22-yard area called a wicket. The team that is bowling can get the batsmen out hitting the stumps or catching the ball.

The first cricket team in England

The first cricket club in England appeared at Hambledon, Hampshire, in the 1760's. Wealthy patrons became the first sponsors of this club. The players were local tradesmen and farmers. Soon this sport spread to London where  the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) was established. In 1835 the MCC made up the first formal laws of the game. The public schools such as Eton, Harrow, and Winchester boosted the sport of cricket. The sport was played by well-to-do students. An annual match called "Gentlemen vs. Players" was hold on at Lord's from 1806-1963.

In the game of cricket many aspects matter. That's why it is called a game of glorious uncertainties. A lot of things can affect the outcome of the performances. For example, the heating sun can stop the game, as it happened once between India and New Zealand. There were cases when a car suddenly drove onto the middle of the field just during the game or when the game was stopped by pig, snake and even hedgehog. The weather conditions also influence the flow of the game. All these make the game of cricket no less exciting and gripping for thousands of spectators in front of TV-sets as well as from the stands of the stadium.

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