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The UK is situated in north-western part of Europe. This country is a home to a big range of different kinds of sport. Football and rugby are two the most popular national sports from past times. Along with them some other sports like cricket and tennis are developing slowly but confidently. If you like watching sports, try yourself in sport betting following https://days-webdivision.de/en/ It's an information portal that helps users make predictions on the outcome of sport matches, as well as provide information on legal bookmakers.

Here is the list of top 5 popular sports in the UK


Football is considered to be one of the most popular sport games played in the U.K. British football that is also known as soccer follows a traditional league system consisting of more than one hundred teams. The Premier League is the most popular of them all and it includes 20 best teams from all over the country. The most famous of British teams well-known all over the world are Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal. The Football Association that is thought to be one of the oldest governing football bodies in the whole world governs football in the U.K. The FA Cup and the Capital One Cup are the two most famous British Football Championships. In Britain there are 92 professional football clubs. They take part in each of these tournaments annualy.


One of the most popular professional and recreational team sports in the U.K is rugby that is divided into Rugby Union and Rugby League. Indeed they are two sports which have many similarities but with the flow of times developed different sets of rules of playing, for example, the number of players and the ways of advancing the ball. Rugby Union was played in England mainly by gentlemen amateurs, while Rugby League was played exceptionally by working class guys who could afford to pay for playing the game.


Cricket is known as the oldest and the most popular national sport game in the U.K. It became popular in the 17th century. Today there are about 18 professional cricket clubs in the U.K. seventeen of them in England and one in Wales. Each of them was named after historic counties in Britain. The First Class County Championship in cricket takes place every summer. The matches are played over four days.


One of the most popular racket sports in the U.K is badminton. The Badminton Association of England appeared in 1893. Today it is known as Badminton England that is considered as the governing of badminton in the U.K. and a founding member of the International Badminton Federation.


The most popular participant as well as spectator sport in the U.K is tennis. Today it is growing in popularity. Wimbledon is a well-known Tennis Tournament in the U.K. that is one of the oldest and the most prestigious tennis event in the world taking place every year in England since 1877.

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